Planning for Higher Education Journal

Pedestrian Planning on College Campuses

Journal Cover
From Volume 46 Number 2 | January–March 2018
By Stephanie Holmes, Raymond Huynh, Adam Millard-Ball
Planning Types: Campus Planning

College campuses provide an ideal setting to promote walking. This article reviews best practices for campus pedestrian planning, identifying how campuses have sought to increase pedestrian travel, reduce parking demand, and improve physical activity among students, staff, and faculty. Through case studies of 18 North American universities, we analyze common practices and innovative strategies. We find that while campuses tend to avoid siloed pedestrian planning efforts, there are a range of innovative design, marketing, and analysis strategies being put into place as part of wider campus master planning efforts and programs to support alternatives to the private car. When it comes to innovative treatments, such as shared streets, roundabouts, and pedestrianization schemes, campus projects can provide leadership for the wider community as well.

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