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How to Transform Your Learning Environments for COVID-19

Space Planning for Healthy Classrooms
Delivered June 18, 2020
Presented by Tyler Patrick, Chair of Planning and Urban Design and Principal, Sasaki; Dano Weisbord, Executive Director of Sustainability & Campus Planning, Smith College; Rob Sugar, Planner & Designer, Sasaki | Moderator: Tyler Patrick, Chair of Planning and Urban Design and Principal, Sasaki
Planning Types: Campus Planning

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Smith College

COVID-19 has turned the world of higher education upside down. After years of wondering if online learning would ever replace place-based learning, it suddenly did . . . literally overnight. Yet, for all the creativity and engagement we’ve managed to squeeze out of Zoom and other online platforms, many students and faculty long for a return to the physical classroom. Will anyone ever complain about an 8:00 AM or Friday class again?

While it’s daunting to have to reconfigure classrooms and reexamine pedagogy and campus operations, in the best light this pandemic offers an opportunity for rapid experimentation and innovation. Panelists from leading planning and design firm Sasaki and Smith College discussed how institutions can dig into their existing classroom data to engage in scenario modeling and clearly understand how classroom capacities and scheduling will shift this fall.

Recorded June 18, 2020.