Planning for Higher Education Journal

Higher Education and Social Responsibility

Journal Cover
From Volume 1 Number 2 | October 1972
By Michael Murray

Paul Dressel, in his book titled Return to Responsibility, set off sympathetic vibrations both among the new generation of activists in academe and, in a very different arena, among planners and other governmental and institutional functionaries who control or oversee higher education's purse strings. On the other hand, a segment of the academic community sees in Dressel's proposals a new attempt to curb academic freedom, cloaked in the guise of "social responsibility." Among the critics is Michael A. Murrary, assistant professor, Department of Political Science and Institute of Governmental Affairs, Chicago Circle Campus, University of Illinois. Planning for Higher Education asked Professor Murray, former associate director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, to review Return to Responsibility, which was written in collaboration with William H. Faricy and with the assistance of Philip M. Marcus and F. Craig Johnson and published in 1972 by Jossey-Bass, Inc., San Francisco.

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