Doing Academic Planning

Effective Tools for Decision Making
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Published January 1, 1996
By Brian P. Nedwek
Planning Types: Academic Planning

Look inside.

Facing storms of change within and outside the academy, higher education officials have realized that major realignments are underway creating demographic, economic, political, and cultural imperatives. Quality, accountability, and institutional effectiveness have become part of the culture for stakeholders in higher education. Program directors, department chairpersons, academic deans and their associates, and academic vice presidents are anticipating continued change and are ready to respond in a timely fashion using new planning approaches and techniques.

In assembling this reader, the selection of materials was guided by a sensitivity to provide academic planners with tools to facilitate the transformation of higher education institutions from provider-centered cultures and organizations to leamer-centered franchises. Readings examine partnerships and alliances needed for higher education institutions to survive, if not lead, the transformation of society into the information age.

This book tells how planners can best situate themselves and their organizations in the emerging network of collaborative resources. It is organized into the following sections: Environmental Scanning, Curriculum Planning, Enrollment Management, Human Resources Planning, Planning for Information Technology, Student Services, Academic Planning Within the Larger Context, and Linking Quality and Accountability.

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