Planning for Higher Education Journal

Developing a Benchmarking Survey for Academic Members of an International Academy

How to Create and Refine Tools and Collect Data for Measuring Performance
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From Volume 47 Number 2 | January–March 2019
By Mandolen Mull, Greggory Keiffer, Julia Fulmore, Paul B. Roberts, Kim Nimon

Benchmarking surveys assist programs with measuring performance and are widely used in a variety of organizations and disciplines, including institutions of higher education. One challenge facing institutions concerns a lack of shared metrics among those with similar programs. This article details the history and creation process of developing a benchmarking survey for an international academy. The purpose is to highlight the need for shared metrics between institutions, and to provide an account of the approach used for developing a benchmarking survey for academic programs. A detailed narrative of survey creation, refinement, and data collection associated with four survey iterations is included. Recommendations are provided for benchmarking development processes that may be beneficial for various institutions and disciplines regarding survey development, survey deployment, and survey project team composition.

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