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Default of a Dream…or, Whatever Happened to Florida Atlantic U? (Educational Technology Profile 18)

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From Volume 5 Number 3 | June 1976
By Ruth Weinstock

This is the eighteenth in a series of profiles documenting experiences with the use of instructional technology at two dozen colleges and universities. A look at what has been learned at these places may benefit others considering new ways to teach. Since we can learn from failures as well as from successes, the mission of this series would be unfulfilled if the profiles described only success stories. Florida Atlantic University was one of the first universities in the nation planned around the use of instructional media. Because there were no models for guidance, the university had to bravely proceed while learning from its own trials and errors. We are grateful for FAU's willingness to share the kind of infornation about those trials and errors that some institutions might prefer to play down. The author of this profile, a research associate at EFL has written widely on education, and is both project director and editor of this series. These reports are supported by a special grant to EFL from The Ford Foundation.

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