Planning for Higher Education Journal

College Flourishes on Instructional Tech-Savvy Management, The Key (Educational Technology Profile 20)

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From Volume 5 Number 4 | August 1976
By Barry Schwenkmeyer

This is the 20th in a series of profiles documenting the experiences of two dozen colleges and universities with the use of instructional technology. A look at what has been learned at these places may benefit others considering new ways to teach. This report describes Golden West College, which was conceived, designed, and built around the use of technology as an intrinsic element in teaching and learning. Despite the hazards endemic to such innovation, today it is one of the most successful "mediated" colleges in the country. Indeed, the know-how acquired in its 10 years of operation is serving as the base for a spin-off institution. The new college will have virtually no campus and will deliver instruction to remote learners via TV and correspondence.

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