An Integrated Approach to Scenario Planning

Recovery Planning in a Volatile Environment: Part 1
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The pace of change is getting faster, and it’s getting harder to anticipate what the future holds—and how your institution can prepare. Scenario planning can help your institution plan for a volatile and uncertain future.

Scenario planning uses today’s forces and trends to imagine probable futures and what they could mean for your institution. It’s a flexible process that can inform your institution’s regular planning processes or be used as part of recovery planning in response to disruptions or catastrophic events.

An Integrated Approach to Scenario Planning is a toolkit that will walk you step-by-step through scenario planning. It includes instructions, examples, and blank worksheets that you can use to start scenario planning at your institution immediately.

Don’t let your college or university get blindsided. Download your copy of An Integrated Approach to Scenario Planning and prepare for the future.


Nicholas Santilli, PhD

Senior Director of Learning Strategy, SCUP
Former Provost and Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, John Carroll University

Sadie Wutka

Director of Content Strategy, SCUP

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This toolkit on scenario planning is part one of a three-part planning toolkit series entitled Recovery Planning in a Volatile Environment. Look for the next installments:
  • Contingency Planning (Part 2): Put together action plans in response to major events and disruptions.
  • Continuity Planning (Part 3): Ensure that future disruptions don't interrupt operations.

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