On Campus Planning Institute (OCPI)

Build a Campus-Wide Planning Culture

Bring the SCUP Planning Institute to your campus and build a culture of planning. Create plans that everyone understands and can use.

Why Bring the Planning Institute to Your Campus?

  • Create a collaborative planning culture on your campus.
  • Give your leadership the tools they need to communication across departments and build awareness of their external environment.
  • Involve all of the appropriate stakeholders without travel cost and time.
  • Remove the unnecessary stress of travel.

Learn the SCUP Integrated Planning Model (IPM)

The SCUP Planning Institute (PI) will give you tools—like the the SCUP Integrated Planning Model (IPM)—that you need to create integrated, sustainable plans. IPM is designed specifically for the higher education environment. It emphasizes cross-boundary connections and practical application, and is adaptable across institution-type or planning context (institution-wide, unit plan, etc.).

The SCUP PI emphasizes strategy development (“plan to evolve” as opposed to “plan to plan”) as a foundation to building a sustainable planning culture.

Taught by Higher Education Practitioners

The SCUP PI is facilitated by current and former higher education practitioners who have led integrated planning efforts.

Training Employees to Plan: One of the 7 Factors of Success

A recent SCUP survey on higher education planning revealed the 7 Factors for Successful Planning on a campus. Training employees on how to plan is one of those success factors.

Ready. Set. Plan.

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