Strengthening Higher Education and Creating Coherence Through Integrated Institutional Effectiveness: A Conversation with Daniel Seymour

June 25, 2019
Free Webinar, 2:00 PM–2:40 PM Eastern

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This webinar is a collaboration with the Association for Higher Education Effectiveness (AHEE), and the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)

How can we demonstrate that integrated institution effectiveness (IIE) is worthwhile? Daniel Seymour offers a straightforward three-part narrative that links “designing IIE” to the act of “creating coherence” which then enables an institution to “demonstrate its responsibility” to its stakeholders.

With every aspect of institutions under scrutiny – for budget and other reasons – Institutional Effectiveness offices must also demonstrate to their stakeholders how they add value.

  1. Articulate the intended benefit of IIE within the institution.
  2. Connect that benefit to external stakeholders as well.
  3. Articulate key steps toward designing an Integrated Institutional Effectiveness function.


If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Benton.

Additional Resources:

“Help Wanted: Chief Coherency Officer”
SCUP Planning for Higher Education Journal
July-September 2018
Authors: Daniel Seymour and Michael Bourgeois

AHEE Interview with Daniel Seymour
November 30, 2018

The Association for Higher Education Effectiveness (AHEE) is a network of higher education professionals who lead or staff offices that intentionally integrate multiple functions (strategic planning, institutional research, assessment, accreditation, program review) to promote and support evidence-based planning and improvement

Keynote Speaker

Daniel Seymour
Professor, California State University, Channel Islands and Co-author of The Institutional Effectiveness Fieldbook: Creating Coherence in Colleges and Universities (2018)
Jan Lyddon
President, Association of Higher Education Effectiveness (AHEE), and Principal, Organizational Effectiveness Consultants