Pacific 2022 Regional Conference

March 23-25, 2022
Eugene, OR


As colleges and universities welcome students back for the 2021/2022 academic year, they must stay nimble and responsive to the changing conditions of the pandemic. At the same time, this era of disruption presents great opportunities to effect change via thoughtful, integrated planning that delivers on higher education’s unique ability to spur innovation, cultivate engaged communities, address the devastation of climate change, and promote a just and equitable society. How can we learn from our recent experiences to plan for and accelerate resiliency? Which bold commitments can we make as we intentionally move forward with an emphasis on responsible and entrepreneurial connections?

Resetting higher education.

This year’s theme, “Threshold,” explores opportunities for resetting higher education, offering fresh takes on integrated and agile planning. Higher education planners have spent many years examining physical “in-between” spaces that support campus life, inclusivity, personalized learning, and student wellness. These campus-defining spaces that foster socially formative experiences—outdoor learning and working environments as well as informal gathering spots—will become increasingly important as students, faculty, and staff prioritize health, equity, and safety in their return to school. Likewise, as we navigate this new hybrid approach to learning and working that encompasses both virtual and in-person experiences, we must find opportunities for reassessing campus environments and learning pathways.

Novel and multivalent integrated planning.

The character of Oregon’s higher education network—in particular, the state’s wide scale of academic institutions across a range of natural settings—sets the stage for finding creative approaches to campus life. At the University of Oregon, the confluence of an engaged and responsive planning process with philanthropic support enabled the emergence of the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact. We’ll explore how the Knight Campus and other examples of novel and multivalent integrated planning place the Pacific Region at the “threshold” of a more resilient future.

Leading the way.

This on-campus conference will offer a range of opportunities for learning and engaging with your peers. Regional thought leaders will focus on the future of higher education through provocative discussions, concurrent sessions, tours, deep-dive workshops, and master classes.

Share your expertise.

We invite you to consider the various synergies that exist and overlap across the core contexts that inform integrated planning—physical, environmental, cultural, and economic.

What happens on the thresholds of these contexts that might inform a more diverse range of formative and welcoming live-learn-work campus experiences?
How can we conceptualize and script a symbiotic academic and business paradigm that ensures the relevance and future viability of higher education?
Which partnerships, collaborations and/or mergers can lead us to discover new models for teaching, learning, discovery, and workforce development?

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