Looking Toward Fall 2021 and Beyond:
Leveraging Integrated Planning for Institutional and Student Success

February 18-19 and February 25-26 | 12:00-2:30 PM Eastern
Virtual Workshop

This program is for members of SCUP, NACAS, or ACUHO-I only.

After a volatile 2020, change is upon us, and only institutions ready to embrace it will position themselves and their students for success in Fall 2021, and beyond. Success begins with an integrated plan!

Exploring together. Finding solutions.

Explore the dynamics of the discipline of integrated planning together with leaders from three partner organizations, SCUP, NACAS, and ACUHO-I. As practice leaders, we know that institutional planning is a key component for student success and institutional thriving. To be successful, planning must be integrated across the academy linking vision, mission, and values with people, processes, and resources thus optimizing preparedness for change and transformation. Furthermore, integrated planning is a sustainable approach to planning that builds relationships, aligns the institution, and establishes a durable planning culture for the present and into the future.

This deeply discounted workshop designed for member teams will provide the tools to help move everyone in the same direction—towards the achievement of your institution’s vision and mission. Participants will gain essential competencies including:

  • How to develop a planning process that works with your institution’s unique structure, culture, and people;
  • How to design and implement a planning process that will focus on ‘how’ to develop plan goals and tactics;
  • To align these plan elements up, down, and through the institution;
  • Ways to resource your plan, and;
  • Strategies for implementation and modification along the way.

4 Days; 2.5 Hours each day.

The workshop series includes both synchronous and asynchronous components. Over the course of four meetings, we will engage with peers in a combination of lecture, group and individual exercises.

Your Planning Toolkit.

In addition to the meetings, participants will be given a Planning Toolkit that will allow them to take the workshop exercises from practice to implementation at their own institution.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Anticipate challenges and opportunities in a dynamic and unpredictable world so your institution acts more than it reacts.
  2. Examine and improve power and decision-making structures within your institution.
  3. Help stakeholders set-aside differences and work together across boundaries to achieve your institution’s goals.
  4. Identify and analyze stakeholders for your institution, establish a planning team, and create a communication plan that ensures a transparent and inclusive planning process.
  5. Assess your institution’s readiness for change so you can remove change inhibitors and pave a pathway to success.
  6. Assess your institution’s resources and culture so you create a strategic plan that can be implemented.
  7. Identify strategic issues that must be addressed and map strategies and tactics to address those issues.
  8. Align plans both vertically with the overall strategic plan and horizontally with other unit plans so the entire institution works together towards goals.
  9. Implement your plan and prepare for common implementation challenges.


Planning Institute Program Manager


Senior Director of Learning StrategySociety for College and University Planning