Richmond, VA

Mid-Atlantic Symposium | Facilities Strategies for Student Success: A Reprise of Top-Rated Sessions from SCUP MA 2019

November 12, 2019
Richmond, VA


Where does academic achievement meet academic experience as it relates to facilities and space?

Join us as we share the top sessions from the SCUP 2019 Mid-Atlantic Conference, where we explored topics central to student success. These sessions include a look at centers for experiential learning and innovation, a living-learning campus innovation district that brings together sciences and the arts, and a case study in student-guided planning. Our event will culminate with a session on integrated campus planning and how higher education’s mission to deliver student success and student experiences can be achieved.

What will be covered:

  • STEM and innovation centers
  • Living-learning innovation districts
  • Student-guided planning process
  • Discussions about integrated campus planning

Skills you will gain:

  1. Identify the most impactful planning, design, and operational decisions affecting the long-term success of STEM and innovation centers.
  2. Describe how the design and programming of mixed-use, flexible, and shared learning spaces in a living-learning innovation district bring together a broad range of students, faculty, and strategic partners.
  3. Engage students in the building planning and design process by applying discovery techniques, design thinking, journey mapping, and purposeful facilitation techniques.
  4. Discuss how to approach campus planning in an integrated way, even in large, decentralized institutions.

Featured Speakers

Van Coble Headshot
Virginia Tech
Mary-Chris Escobar Headshot
Assistant Director for Academic and Experiential ProgramsVirginia Commonwealth University
David Phaff Headshot
Academic TechnologistWashington and Lee University
Charles Piper Headshot
Office DirectorQuinn Evans
Caroline West Headshot
University of Virginia