Mid-Atlantic Symposium | Informal Learning Environments: Do They Matter?

June 17, 2019
Drexel University, Papadakis Integrated Sciences Auditorium, Philadelphia, PA

Conference Slides

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Designing for Academic Success: A Collaborative Research Model Between Architects and Environmental Psychologists

Presented by Sara Grant, Evie Klein

Designing Libraries for Learning

Presented by Peggy Seiden

Learning: What Does the Literature Say?

Presented by David M. Zaiser

The Informal Learning Environment: What’s It Look Like?

Presented by Michael Schade

The Informal Learning Environment: What’s It Look Like?

Presented by Elizabeth Mahon

What Does it Mean to Relate Learning With Space, Behaviors, and Outcomes?

Presented by Jeffrey Ashley, Danuta A. Nitecki

Historically, the focus of learning environments has been on classrooms and other formal teaching spaces, but learning also happens between peers when learners are outside the classroom. This one-day symposium will focus on our current understanding of the nature of informal learning environments. What spatial organizations, design elements, and social arrangements effectively support learning and student success? How we might better assess these environments now…and in the future?

AIA LU/HSW 5.5 units (SCUP19M102) / AICP CM 5.5 units.

Learning Objectives

  1. Characterize the nature of informal learning environments—what design elements, siting, and spatial arrangements turn a space into one that supports learning, a crucial component of the social wellbeing of building users?
  2. Identify the critical design and environmental concerns and opportunities for effective learning outside of classrooms at colleges and universities.
  3. Describe how to use research and learner assessment data to improve the design of informal learning environments so they benefit users more.
  4. Discuss facilities planning, design strategies, and operational concerns that maintain and support informal learning environments.

Featured Speakers

2018-2019 SCUP Fellow and Director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)
Joan L Bush Headshot
Ed.D. Dean, Educational Support ServicesCommunity College of Philadelphia
Sara Grant
PartnerMurphy Burnham Buttrick Architects
Eve B. Klein
Co-FounderUser Design Information Group, CUNY Graduate School and University Center
Danuta A. Nitecki
Dean of LibrariesDrexel University
Brian Smith Headshot
Senior Associate Dean at our College of Computing and InformaticsDrexel University
Anuradha Vedantham
Assistant University Librarian for Research Services, Princeton University LibrariesPrinceton University
David M. Zaiser
Project PrincipalHDR