Audio-Visual Specifics and Room Sets

Annual Conference Audio-Visual Information

Each session room comes equipped with:

  • A PC Computer
  • A Projector
  • A Screen
  • A Podium Microphone
  • A Lapel Microphone
  • Wireless Internet

If you would like a remote for the slide projector or a laser pointer for your session, you will need to bring your own with you.

Some presentations have special AV needs. If you anticipate any additional audio-visual needs in your session, please reach out.

Room Set Information

The standard meeting room set-up consists of a skirted table for presenters, one screen placed in the front of the room, and audio-visual equipment situated appropriately. A lavaliere and table microphone(s) will be provided for use during your session. A standing podium will be available.

Rooms can be arranged with theater-style seating, round tables, or a mix of both. While we make every effort to do so, we cannot accommodate all room set requests.

Regional Conference Audio-Visual Information

The setups below reflect the SCUP standard set. However—depending on the venue—SCUP may be able to place additional AV in session rooms. Presenters should check their session details in the SCUP Events System for finalized room setups and AV.

In general, your presentation room DOES have:

  • a Mac laptop
  • a VGA converter for Mac users (we encourage you to bring your own to avoid compatibility issues)
  • (1) LCD projector
  • (1) screen
  • (1) podium with a microphone
  • sound

In general, your presentation room DOES NOT have:

  • dedicated Internet access
  • flipcharts
  • wireless microphones
  • remotes for the slide projector or laser pointers (you may bring your own)
  • USB flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives
  • easels
  • whiteboards

Please reach out to make additional arrangements. Additional audiovisual needs will be at the cost of the presenters.

Room Set

The concurrent session presentation room setup is theater-style. Requests for round banquet-style tables are accommodated when space permits. Each concurrent session room will have a podium with a microphone and one screen placed in the front of the room, with audio-visual equipment situated appropriately. Workshop rooms will be set in round banquet-style tables to better enable interaction.

Unfortunately, we can not accommodate any other room set.