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Where Planning Comes Together

Published June 12, 2019
By Mike Moss, President, SCUP

Higher ed leaders having informal conversations during SCUP 2019

Something has changed at SCUP.

Like many sectors around us, our profession is quickly changing. Higher education is no longer simply about degrees. It’s about community, connection, and looking at student success from multiple  vantage points. It is about taking the time to plan for student success today and tomorrow.

Like our institutions and organizations, in order to deliver on this promise, it was time for SCUP to evolve and change. Through an inclusive process that included multiple sessions with members, the SCUP board of directors  adopted a plan that establishes a strategic direction for SCUP that doesn’t just acknowledge change and evolution—it embraces it.

Our team spent time assessing how SCUP can further foster innovation and create greater impact on our industry and for our members. We also embarked on an in-depth assessment of our organization’s brand and how we support current members and attract new ones. This work included gathering input via interviews and surveys from more than 1,000 members like you.. . This valuable feedback has helped us to understand where opportunities for improvement exist and how to strengthen SCUP’s peer network and, ultimately, better serve you.

The result?

A more comprehensive community of higher education leaders united to unleash the promise and potential of higher education. A more integrated approach encompassing a fresh new look that reflects who we are at our best. It embodies what we’re truly about: a collaborative, collegial environment with a diversity of backgrounds, expertise, and goals meant to help our institutions thrive and our students succeed.

Our goal is to support innovation and unlock the potential of professionals at every level of our industry to bring more value to you. We asked ourselves: how do we continue to raise the bar?

You’ll see changes large and small around you. A new website. New content, materials, and learning opportunities. And most importantly, a new, broader vision of what integrated  planning means in higher education.

But our work does not stop today. In fact, this is just the beginning. It is up to all of us to help spread our message, carry the torch forward, and be a part of the conversation. SCUP is only as strong as the participation of its members. We’ll be asking for your ideas, your expertise, your opinions, and your passion to help us share and impact the entire community.

Why? Because our work is helping define the future of higher education as well as how knowledge is transmitted. In many ways, this is among the most important work there is because it represents the future of understanding, innovation, and discovery.

SCUP is more than merely ideas. It is an epicenter of action. And it is truly where planning comes together.