Planning for Higher Education Journal

Using Campus Facilities for Marketing

Journal Cover
From Volume 20 Number 2 | Winter 1991–1992
By Bruce F. Carmichael

Declining enrollment of traditional students (22-24% decline from 1980 to 1995) has spurred a tremendous emphasis on recruiting, promotion, and advertising activities from colleges and universities. Full color brochures, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and mailing lists have been designed to attract new students. In addition, attractive and innovative new programs, and market research to determine what prospective students are looking for, are being established. To compete in higher education's tight market, institutions must not only concentrate on academic programs and faculty quality but improve physical appearance sends messages to students and their parents on what it stands for. It plays an important part in recruiting students and faculty, in retaining students, and in enhancing the learning experience. A university's buildings, interiors, spaces, furniture and landscaping evoke prospective students' emotions and show its special emphasis. The physical quality of a campus, especially one that is memorably distinctive, is a valuable enrollment market strategy.

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