Planning for Higher Education Journal

University Classroom Design Principles to Facilitate Learning

The Instructor as Advocate
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From Volume 43 Number 2 | January–March 2015
By John Wm. Folkins, Jennifer C. Friberg, Paul A. Cesarini
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Instructors have a responsibility to maximize student learning. Thus, to the extent that the characteristics of a classroom’s space facilitate or promote learning, instructors should be actively involved in the design and use of the space. This is especially the case as active learning activities are becoming more common. Principles are discussed in relation to functional seating arrangements; focal points and sight lines; acoustics; movement around, into, and out of the classroom; lighting; and windows. A list of principles for good classroom design from the instructor’s point of view is given at the end, and readers are invited to modify this list in a wiki.

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