Planning for Higher Education Journal

Transforming the University Campus into a Sustainable Community

Journal Cover
From Volume 35 Number 4 | July–September 2007
By Richard K. Norton, Andrew Brix, Trevor Brydon, Elijah Davidian, Keely Dinse, Sanjeev Vidyarthi

This study addresses several common shortcomings of current university campus sustainability initiatives, including a lack of attention to integrative issues such as land use, housing, and transportation, and a generally reactive rather than proactive approach to sustainability. To engage these concerns, we develop a model for assessing the relative sustainability of three different future configurations of campus land use, including a "current trends" scenario and two "smart growth" scenarios. The model uses computer-based mapping software to measure a set of six sustainability indicators for each land use scenario. We test the model using the University of Michigan's North Campus as a case analysis.

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