Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Value of Higher Education Academic Makerspaces for Accreditation and Beyond

Journal Cover
From Volume 46 Number 1 | October–December 2017
By Vincent Wilczynski, Aubrey Wigner, Micah Lande, Shawn Jordan
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Over the last decade, many academic institutions, from elementary schools to universities, have added academic makerspaces to their campuses. This development has enabled students and faculty to come together and collaborate, design, fabricate, and learn in shared spaces. This article describes how the creation and incorporation of academic makerspaces in a university learning ecosystem can help achieve accreditation. Specific examples are drawn from ABET’s engineering accreditation criteria. The article also explores how academic makerspaces can enhance teaching objectives and student outcomes by providing a space for learning technological skills within social contexts in interdisciplinary communities of practice.

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