Planning for Higher Education Journal

The University Regent

Responsibilities of the Philosopher-King
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From Volume 4 Number 6 | December 1975
By Ronnie Dugger

This paper was delivered at SCUP's 10th Annual International Conference in June 1975 in Minneapolis and was the basis of an essay titled "If I Were a University Trustee," which appears currently in Change magazine. To be sufficient, says the author, regents must be no less than "conscious agents of history and posterity." They must determine, and contribute in full democratic chorus, their particular visions of the universities' role in developing the kinds of people and policies needed to sustain life and "the western tradition of free thought" in our complex world. For it is the regent's vision that shapes the administrator's range and the professor's scope in preserving, for present and future generations, the university as a nurturing "country for the city of the mind."

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