Planning for Higher Education Journal

The State Legislature and the Campus Community

Journal Cover
From Volume 5 Number 1 | February 1976
By H.A. Barney Goltz

The growth of government particpation in higher education planning over the last two decades is discussed here from the dual perspective of the author--the college planning officer at Western Washington State College and a Washington state senator. He notes that, ironically, the state/federal planning establishment has flourished "after the great growth period in United States post-secondary education" and hopes that "it does not portend the same phenomenon described by Professor Parkinson--that immediately following the building of the new British Foreign Office we witnessed the dissolution of a major part of the British Empire." In discussing the historical develpment and the contributions of off-campus planning boards, the author cautions that, traditionally, successes in higher education have resulted from indigenous planning by faculty and administrations through the "artistry of thousands of persons" in close touch with the needs of their institutions. "Before we accept a new approach," he suggests, "we had better make sure that it will produce a better result." This article had been adapted from the author's address at SCUP's 10th Annual International Conference in 1975 in Minneapolis.

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