Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Role of Leadership in Fostering and Maintaining Sustainability Initiatives

From Volume 31 Number 3 | March–May 2003
By Tom Wojciechowski

Institutions referenced in this resource:
Northland College, Tulane University, Ball State University

The challenge of planning a sustainable future is so great and the task so broad that moving our institutions of higher learning, let alone our society, toward sustainability requires an unprecedented coalition of leaders. Planners must use the best skills and knowledge of all members of the academy: faculty, students, staff, trustees, alumni, and administration. This article reviews and critiques the processes, circumstances, and leadership that enabled Northland College to make significant progress toward sustainability. An Environmental Council that supported strong linkages between student learning and sustainability was key to the progress. The council was an incubator of leadership from which students, faculty, and staff emerged as agents of change.

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