Planning for Higher Education Journal

Strategic Planning Synergy

Journal Cover
From Volume 30 Number 1 | Fall 2001
By Linda T. Shapiro, William J. Nunez

Institutions referenced in this resource:
University of Louisville

This essay discusses a process for taking an institutional vision and translating and transforming it into quantifiable performance indicators that provide a framework for the institution to implement, manage and measure change. The method consists of the construction of a system-wide metric, or comprehensive “scorecard,” containing institutional strategic themes and indicators of progress. Scorecards provide institutions with clear guidelines for planning and decision making and communicate strategic priorities that are easily viewed and understood by the university community. They allow for the identification of high priority programs leading to congruence between goals and objectives and provide the framework to address productivity issues within academic and support units and throughout the university. Scorecards facilitate institutional synergy by ensuring that the sum total of unit progress will lead to the achievement of university goals.

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