Planning for Higher Education Journal

Statewide Planning and the Public Sector

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From Volume 4 Number 2 | April 1975
By James P. Lyddy

Private colleges and universities are now under pressure from many directions in the following article, James P. Lyddy, assistant director for university development, Georgetown University, explores the potential benefits of statewide planning agencies in building cooperation between the public and private sectors of higher education. This compendium of suggestions for finding alternatives to often wasteful competitive relationships is drawn from his doctoral dissertation, "Statewide Planning and Coordination of Post-Secondary Education: Relationship to Private, Non-Profit Post Secondary Education Institutions," recently accepted at The Catholic University. Lyddy suggests that the 1202 Commissions offer a potential mechanism for aiding both those private institutions which continue to prosper and those which are struggling to remain viable by meeting new educational needs through a redefinition of their goals and operating assumptions.

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