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A Planning Interview With Leaders From the Learning Spaces Collaboratory
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From Volume 41 Number 1 | October–December 2012
By Terry Calhoun

We had hoped to incorporate this handbook, or a comprehensive summary of its elements, in this issue of SCUP’s journal. However, the timing of the Learning Spaces Collaboratory grant report did not accommodate that. When the handbook becomes available, we will provide a link to it here. Meanwhile, we interviewed LSC and Project Kaleidoscope founder Jeanne Narum, the 2010 SCUP Founder's (Casey) Award for Distinguished Achievement in Higher Education Planning, as well as LSC leaders Sally Grans-Korsh and James Swartz, about their multi-year process and what they have learned. Grans-Korsch provides a case study from the University of Minnesota and Swartz does the same for Grinnel.

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