Conference Presentations

Rethinking the Faculty Office

Delivered March 27, 2019
Presented by Becca Cavell, FAIA, BORA
Planning Types: Campus Planning

As millennials move into leadership roles in academia, it's time to rethink the faculty workspace. Who truly needs private offices in the information age? With research as king and space at a premium, how can institutions design offices and workspaces that attract and retain the highest caliber faculty? This review of faculty workspace innovations across our region's institutions will challenge conventional thinking about how faculty space should be allocated within departments.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Summarize historical allocations of faculty office space and why building space was distributed this way
  2. Review alternatives to traditional faculty office and academic department design, including trans-college integration strategies
  3. Discuss difficulties encountered when changing faculty office space design
  4. Design an inter-collegiate faculty workspace that makes effective use of space while supporting academic excellence.