Planning for Higher Education Journal

Professional Self-Concept and Campus Planning

Journal Cover
From Volume 1 Number 3 | December 1972
By David E. Whisnant

Change in higher education and in the society at large demands that university planners "take aim at a moving target," Fred E. Crossland, program officer in higher education for The Ford Foundation, told his SCUP-7 audience. That target may be even more elusive than imagined, in the view of a young faculty member, who holds that planners, whether their concern is academic, fiscal, or physical, will have to re-examine their professional self-image if they are to rebuild the university to meet the requirements of today. This article is excerpted from a SCUP-7 address, "University Planning: Some Interrelationships Between Self-Concept and Spatial Design," by David E. Whisnant, assistant professor of English at the University of Illinois.

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