Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning Campus Health Care Services II

Journal Cover
From Volume 4 Number 2 | April 1975
By Bruce Douglas

In a context of forecasts of major changes for America's entire health care system, colleges and universities are exploring the implications of new trends in campus health care delivery. On January 30-31, 1975, the Society for College and University Planning sponsored a workshop on "Campus Health Care Services" at the Bismark Hotel in Chicago, to discuss such issues as the repercussions of strong consumer demands for broader and more accessible health services, the emergence of health maintenance organizations, and concerns for improved campus/community relations. The two reports in this issue of Planning for Higher Education are taken from that workshop. In this second article, Bruce Douglas, DDS, MA, MPH, professor of public health administration, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, and professor of dentistry and oral surgery, Rush Medical Center, surveys the types of treatment and programs required on campuses. He emphasizes the advantages of integrating the entire health care system into the basic structure of the institution.

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