Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning as Playmaking

An Integrated Approach to Preparing for the Future
From Volume 44 Number 2 | January–March 2016
By James B. Young, Margaret J. Baker
Planning Types: Strategic Planning
Challenges: Planning Alignment

This article combats traditional notions of higher education planning by emphasizing a “planning as playmaking” approach that stresses authentic, active, integrative, and ongoing planning that drives change. The results of a recent survey reveal the value of integrated planning across higher education—building relationships across boundaries, aligning planning practices, creating a sustainable culture of change—but sputtering attempts at implementing these concepts durably. Five essential strategies help institutions fill the gap: balancing creativity and discipline, connecting choices to underlying values, developing planners across the institution, celebrating the “expert-generalist,” and bridging pragmatism and ambition to foster sound implementation.

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