Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning and the Black Colleges

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From Volume 1 Number 3 | December 1972

Even in the enlightened '70s, many of the nation's institutions of higher education remain handicapped by a lack of planning personnel and expertise. But perhaps none are more handicapped than the predominantly black colleges, both public and private, the majority of which lack the resources, in both money and talent, and, in a few instances, the foresight to carry out a rational planning effort. In an effort to correct the situation, The Ford Foundation in late 1967 set aside $100,000 for physical planning consulting services to predominatly black institutions and contracted with Educational Facilities Laboratories (EFL) to administer the program. The effort later was expanded to a total commitment of $325,000 over four years. The results, some of which may be of import for other institutions with inadequate planning resources, are outlined in this article.

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