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Delivered August 5, 2020
Presented by Nick Santilli, Senior Director for Learning Strategy, SCUP | Larry Squarini, Vice President of Product Development, SPOL | Tony Adam, Senior Training Consultant, SPOL | Karla Moore, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Daytona State College

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Daytona State College

This is the fourth and final installment in a series of complimentary, interactive webinars, “Planning in Times of Crisis and Beyond: Reviving Your Strategic Planning Process,” hosted by SCUP in partnership with SPOL focusing on planning for the new normal and beyond.

In this episode, you’ll hear real-world examples from our panelists and guest Karla Moore, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at Daytona State College, a SPOL/SCUP partner institution.

Recorded August 5, 2020.
Moderator: Mike Moss, President, SCUP.

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