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Out of the Fire and Into the Future

Insights on Essential Planning Strategies Post COVID
Delivered September 17, 2020
Presented by Pete Zuraw, Vice President, Market Strategy and Development, Gordian (Moderator) | Michael McCormick, Associate Vice President Asset Management and University Architect, University of Washington | Mina Amundsen, Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Capital Planning, Colby College
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Institutions referenced in this resource:
University of Washington-Seattle Campus, Colby College

Presented by SCUP in affiliation with Gordian

Higher education has been responding in crisis mode since spring and racing toward an entirely new kind of academic year this fall. How can we turn this experience into productive new strategies for planning and leadership?

Existing siloed decision making would not have allowed for a successful response to the rapidly changing conditions brought on by the pandemic. The integrative process of short-term planning effectively brought together academic, financial, and physical planning, and presents a unique opportunity to continue work across traditional planning silos and modes of learning and living.

The challenge is to balance the risk from many, smaller short-term decisions to the institution’s missions and future goals, with a constructive trigger for change to produce new creative windows and outcomes with thoughtful planning.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore new planning modes being used during this crisis, and their long-term application.
  2. Consider post COVID-19 implications for the campus environment.
  3. Discuss tools for addressing strategic goals amidst a sea of tactical conversations.
  4. Discuss ways to seize the moment to address equity.

Recorded September 17, 2020.

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