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Keynote: The Empowered University

Shared Leadership for Academic Success and Crisis Management
Published July 20, 2020
Presented by Freeman Hrabowski, University of Maryland, Baltimore County | Rick Straka (Moderator), Minnesota State University-Mankato

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University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Freeman A. Hrabowski III has led a transformation of UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) from a young, regional institution to an innovative research university. In our opening keynote, he discusses his new book, The Empowered University, which probes the ways in which an empowering culture and shared leadership enable a campus to tackle tough issues when times are good and manage challenges when crises emerge. He discusses how—by taking a hard look in the mirror, understanding strengths and weaknesses, assessing opportunities and challenges, and engaging in difficult conversations—an empowered campus can innovate in course redesign, group-based and experiential learning, entrepreneurship and civic engagement, academic inclusion, and faculty diversity.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Reflect on the evolution of higher education in American society since the 1960s, including increases in students attending college, changing student demographics, and what this means for our institutions.
  2. Engage in the mindful practice of institutional reflection that consists of (1) "looking in the mirror" and being honest with yourself; (2) understanding that we always need to improve and change; (3) assessing weaknesses and strengths, challenges and opportunities, and using data analytics; and (4) supporting those on campus who lead innovation.
  3. Find out how, in advance of crises, to build a shared culture and cultivate trusting relationships that your team can use to work collectively to manage challenges.
  4. Explain how responsible budgeting practices over time can tie resources to strategic priorities and position an institution to protect academic programs as well as put people first when facing financial downturns.
  5. Describe how to lead initiatives that help students and faculty from underrepresented groups succeed, particularly when they are central to institutional growth rather than marginal programs.


Freeman Hrabowski

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Rick Straka (Moderator)

Vice President, Finance and Administration
Minnesota State University-Mankato

Recorded July 20, 2020.

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