Planning for Higher Education Journal

Institutions, Educators, and Designers: Wake Up!

Current Teaching and Learning Places Along with Teaching Strategies Are Obsolete
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From Volume 41 Number 1 | October–December 2012
By Lennie Scott-Webber
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Beautiful buildings are built for schools from kindergarten through higher education. Why do we insist on designing our learning settings based on just the question, “How many ‘bums’ in seats do you need?” and the response, “Oh, we have a template for that” (i.e., row-by-column seating with X numbers). The world of education is being turned upside down by the “entrepreneurs” of education—the K–12 arena—as changes to pedagogy, technology, and space are being made and children’s brains are actually being altered due to the digital age. Higher education’s educators and the designers who develop educational solutions are hereby issued a wake-up call to change.

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