Planning for Higher Education Journal

Inheritance, Intelligence, and Achievement

Journal Cover
From Volume 23 Number 3 | Spring 1995
By Sandra Scarr

How should higher education deal with the variability of genetic differences? Subtitles: How much are IQ differences inherited?; The fruits of meritocracy; Defining the Cognitive Classes; What is IQ?; Cognition and social behavior; Are some groups more intelligent?; What social policies are needed? Pull quotes: "Individual variability is the biological norm, and humans are no exception." "As society reduces barriers, genetic differences become more important." "Today's elite college and university students come from all strata and backgrounds." "The United States has increasingly become a meritocracy of intelligence." "IQ test are not culturally biased, as is often alleged." "There is little evidence that current programs have any long-lasting effects on IQ scores." "They claim U.S. education has been 'dumbed down." "The book points to the ironies of achieving a new society based more fully on intellectual merit."

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