Planning for Higher Education Journal

How Much Can Education Do?

Journal Cover
From Volume 23 Number 3 | Spring 1995
By Michael Nettles

Should we prefer standardized tests or high standards for everyone? Subtitles: A choice of intelligences; Those intelligence tests; How universities select the cognitive elite; Troubles in the methodology; Ethnicity, IQ, and social policy. Pull quotes: "Perhaps the most important social trend is the growing establishment of a new class." "Rating human intelligence is complex.: "People with lower IQ's are more likely to experience the greatest problems." "Only 10 percent of the 1952 entering class at Harvard would be competitive in the admissions process today." "It is peculiar how their fetish for the normal distribution is suspended when defining dependent variables other than IQ." "Is the cognitive elite among African Americans also attending college...and living a better life?" "What should the nation's policies be toward individuals and groups who rate at various points throughout the distribution?"

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