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Higher Education Business Models Under Stress, Part 1

Board Oversight of Finance and the Business Model: Key Indicators and Trends for Scenario Planning and Stress Testing
Delivered November 15, 2021
Presented by Verne O. Sedlacek (Moderator), Valparaiso University Board of Directors | Carlton Brown, AGB Consulting | Lawrence R. Ladd, AGB Consulting | Melody Rose, Nevada System of Higher Education

This is part one of a two-part webinar series delivered in partnership between SCUP and the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), “Higher Education Business Models Under Stress: Planning for Successful Transitions”. This series will help build your fiduciary understanding of your institution’s business model as you prepare the campus for a range of possible business transformations, from mergers, strategic affiliations, corporate partnerships, or even the ultimate scenario of a campus closure. View the recording for part two, “Graceful Business Model Transitions: Planning and Executing a College or Campus Closure”.

Securing financial viability requires an engaged board that is monitoring the right trends and campus indicators, asking the right questions of campus leaders about the institution’s finances, and doing the scenario planning and stress testing necessary to transform a business model under stress.

The governing board’s fiduciary duty to steward the institution’s financial health requires that boards and leaders consider business model transformations, and plan for a range of scenarios like mergers, affiliations, strategic partnerships, and even—when all other options are exhausted—final transformations such as campus closures when continued mission fulfillment is impossible.

Join a panel discussion on business model transformation moderated by Verne Sedlacek, vice board chair of Valparaiso University with guest panelists Melody Rose, coauthor of AGB’s new book, Higher Education Business Models Under Stress, and AGB consultants Carlton Brown and Larry Ladd, experts in higher education budgeting, finance, and strategic planning.


Verne Sedlacek (Moderator), Vice Board Chair, Valparaiso University
Carlton Brown, Practice Area Leader, Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Senior Consultant, AGB Consulting
Lawrence R. Ladd, Senior Consultant, AGB Consulting
Melody Rose, Chancellor, Nevada System of Higher Education

Delivered 11/15/21.

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