Planning for Higher Education Journal

Has the Academy Adapted TQM?

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From Volume 28 Number 1 | Fall 1999
By Robert Birnbaum, Judy Deshotels

Institutions referenced in this resource:
University of Maryland-College Park

Higher education institutions are urged to adopt mangement innovations but little is empirically know about the degree to which they do so. This study intergrates and triangulates several data sources in a an attempt to identify to identify the extent to which one mangement innovation, Total Quality Management/ Continuous Quality Improvement (TQM/CQI) actuallya has been adopted in the administrative practices of colleges and universities. We also assess adoption rate among institutions of different types, and propse several reasons for the differences discovered by this study. The data indicate that TQM/CQI has not been adopted to the extent claimed by some of its supporters, and suggested that claims of adoption of future innovations should be viewed skeptically rather than accepted uncritically.

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