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Growing Up Wise

Shaped by Lessons of the Past, Technology is Serving New Clients, New Needs Educational Technology Profile 22)
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From Volume 5 Number 5 | October 1976
By Ruth Weinstock

This summary rounds out a series of profiles that document experiences with the use of instructional technology in 21 colleges and universities. Most of these institutions are veteran users of technology; over the years they have learned what works, what doesn't work, and why. The profiles focus on these perceptions and their application to programs for reaching off-campus students and for better service to traditional students. They were prepared by writer/technical-expert teams who visited each of the campuses to report this information for decision-makers seeking ways to respond to the changing missions and needs of their institutions. The author, a member of the EFL staff, has written widely on education and is the editor of this series. These activities have been supported by a special grant to EFL from The Ford Foundation.

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