Planning for Higher Education Journal

Greening the American Campus

Lessons from Campus Projects
Journal Cover
From Volume 40 Number 2 | January–March 2012
By Thaisa Way, Chris Matthews, Nancy Rottle, Timothy R. Toland
Planning Types: Campus Planning

University campuses offer rich opportunities to model and test sustainable design practices. Through examination of four campus initiatives, this article explores the integration of sustainable goals into the design process. The universities studied sought to enhance campus sustainability through the use of strategic goals, flexible designs, and green infrastructure approaches in their respective campus plans. The projects offer an opportunity for universities to be leaders both educationally and environmentally and provide a framework for approaching the sustainable campus landscape, revealing the potential to strengthen landscape architecture as a practice and pedagogy within the academic community. As many campuses struggle to address sustainability practices, there is a clear call to share stories and challenges. This article documents a range of examples and offers reflections that expand foundations for further exploration and learning.

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