Planning for Higher Education Journal

Games? They’re A Serious Approach to Learning (Educational Technology Profile 11)

From Volume 4 Number 5 | October 1975
By Don H. Coombs

This is the 11th in a series of profiles documenting experiences with the use of instructional techonology at two dozen colleges and universities. A look at what has been learned at these places may benefit others considering new ways to teach. This report presents a look at the present state of simulation/gaming in higher education, two briefs on successful uses of simulation games, and some "street corner" suggestions on how to introduce them into your own institution. A sequel, published in the volume 4, number 6 issue of Planning, will extend the coverage of the subject with further examples of games in use, information on current programs to support simultation/gaming, and a list of souirces for more information on the subject.

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