Planning for Higher Education Journal

Frontier Acoustics for Music Buildings

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From Volume 21 Number 2 | Winter 1992–1993
By Russell Cooper

College and university music buildings are different from other campus buildings. They require advanced acoustical planning to control sound and noise, specialized design and construction, and additional cost. The different design features behoove the institution to initiate early and advanced acoustical planing for the sound of music. The initial acoustical planning issue is who will use the building and how. Normally, this includes community groups, and music and theater groups. A second concern is an effective design of the centerpiece of every music education facility--the recital hall. A third consideration is cost. Campus music buildings' outlay is twice the amount of institutional classrooms. A fourth issue is whether the facilities provide an appropriate music enviroment. Music buildings must enhance teaching, practice, rehearsal, and recording. Finally, there are design issues such as room acoustics: do they provide "sound and vibration isolation from internal and external noise" and do they filter mechanical system noise? Essentially acoustical planning for university music facilities is an important aspect of campus planning.

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