Planning for Higher Education Journal

Encouraging Multiple Forms of Scholarship in Faculty Reward Systems: Influence on Faculty Work Life

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From Volume 34 Number 2 | January–March 2006
By KerryAnn O'Meara

This article presents findings from a national study of Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) of four-year institutions on the effect of policy efforts that encourage multiple forms of scholarship on faculty involvement and satisfaction. Findings show that institutions that initiated reforms were significantly more likely than their counterparts to have CAOs report (1) an increase in faculty involvement in the scholarships of application, teaching, and integration, (2) an increase in overall faculty satisfaction with roles and rewards, and (3) that their institution's efforts directly and positively influenced faculty involvement in the scholarships of teaching, integration and application, service-learning, external funding, faculty presentations, student contact, and overall faculty satisfaction over the last decade.

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