Planning for Higher Education Journal

Effective Use of Resources: SCUP 11 in Retrospect

Quality and Vitality Through Reallocation: A Case History
From Volume 5 Number 5 | October 1976
By Richard M. Robl, Thomas A. Karman, Jim Boggs

The following article, which is based upon the authors' experiences in formulating a planning model for Oklahoma State University, emphasizes the importance of maintaing both quality and vitality throughout the planning process. By encouraging all units of the University to evaluate their relative merit according to established criteria, and by allowing them to compete for resources through the allocation of "excellence monies," Oklahoma State has developed a successful procedure for insuring that current and emerging needs are adequately met. Richard M. Robl, who presented the model to the SCUP 11 Conference, is Director of Educational Development and University Self-Study at Oklahoma State. Thomas A. Karman and James H. Boggs are, respectively, Special Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University.

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