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Education, Opportunity, and Justice in a Post-COVID World

Published July 23, 2020
Presented by Earl Lewis, Director and Founder, U-M Center for Social Solutions, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Leaders across higher education have had to confront the collision of three pandemics—health, economic, and racial. No institution has escaped worrying about the wellbeing of staff, students, faculty and alumni; no school has gone untouched by the economic fallout of going online or staying in place; all anticipate new costs whether instruction is online or hybrid. Most know they have an obligation to address racism and inequality. Where does diversity, equity, and inclusion fit in this world? Should it fit?

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Design a campus that moves toward a justice framework. What would remain the same? What would have to change?
  2. Outline the tools and modalities needed to help both students and faculty prepare for online or hybrid instruction rather than in-person instruction.
  3. Discuss a potential assessment tool that allows you to detail and catalog opportunity structures in all of your job families.
  4. Describe the factors that shape decision-making about university planning.

Presented 7/23/2020.

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