Planning for Higher Education Journal

Developing Scenarios: Linking Environmental Scanning and Strategic Planning

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From Volume 18 Number 4 | 1989–1990
By Meredith A. Whiteley, John D. Porter, James Morrison, Nelle Moore
Planning Types: Strategic Planning

Institutions referenced in this resource:
Arizona State University-Tempe

In this article, we discuss a method for developing and writing scenarios for a college or university. We begin by reviewing the general literature on scenarios; we then detail a scenario development project at Arizona State University. This project, conducted in 1988–89, was Arizona State University's first institution-wide, futures-based planning and scenario development effort. The focus of the project for Arizona State University was planning and programming for affirmative action. An outside consultant facilitated the group-process portion of the project and instructed university staff in scenario development. Staff in the university's Office of Institutional Analysis then developed and wrote a set of three scenarios to guide the university's affirmative action programming and planning during the decade of the nineties.

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