Planning for Higher Education Journal

Developing a Mission Statement for a Faculty Senate

From Volume 39 Number 2 | January–March 2011
By Derrick E. D'Souza, Terry L. Clower, Kim Nimon, Elizabeth A. Oldmixon, Frances S. van Tassell
Planning Types: Academic Planning

If faculty senates are to maintain a place in the modern university, then they must be both effective and viewed as such by faculty, administrators, and other campus stakeholders. One way to shape faculty senate efforts is to create and exploit a clearly defined mission statement. In this article, we offer a four-step, committee-driven, technology-assisted process to develop a mission/vision statement that is anchored in the theory. The proposed process is efficient and easy to administer and can be used at other universities. We also discuss our experience with the process and offer recommendations for other university faculty senates.

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