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Demographics, Defaults, Disillusionment, Disruption

Published July 24, 2020
Presented by Richard Price, Higher Education Research Fellow, Clayton Christensen Institute
Planning Types: Strategic Planning

Higher ed's apocalypse is entirely avoidable. Reframing four of higher education's greatest challenges—demographics, defaults, disillusionment, disruption—can help you ask the right questions and create learner-centered experiences while fulfilling your institution's mission. This session will show how Innovation Theory can help institutions thrive in learning's new golden age rather than falling under the scythe of the industry's most daunting challenges, the most urgent of which is COVID-19. The theory-based framework we discuss will give you a new lens through which to analyze your challenges and guide your strategic decision making.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Categorize strategic initiatives as either sustaining or disruptive innovations.
  2. Leverage this categorization in making short-term and long-term plans, and to more effectively enhance existing value propositions while tackling new ones.
  3. Analyze existing practices through a business model framework.
  4. Use discovery-driven planning to guide your institution through uncertain times like these.

Presented 7/24/2020.

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