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Consolidated Business Continuity Plan for Academic Affairs

California State University-Northridge
Example Plan
Published 2019
Added to SCUP Learning Resources March 1, 2020
Copyright: California State University Northridge
Planning Types: Continuity Planning

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Originally published 2008. Updated 2019.

Business continuity planning is designed to enable academic and administrative units to continue to provide critical campus functions if a significant disruption interrupts or diminishes access to essential campus resources. . . . As those who managed through the 1994 Northridge earthquake know, decisions about how to best continue campus operations are dependent upon many variables. Decisions are influenced by the nature and effect of the disruption, as well as the academic calendar, particularly during periods when classes are in session. It is this event- and time-dependency that determines which responses can be planned in advance and what response is best determined at the moment, based on available resources.”